Pennsylvania Metal Cleaning Company - Took 5 Years to Clean My 1969 Bronco

Kittanning, Pennsylvania 2 comments
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Jerry Fisher of Pennsylvania Metal Cleaning took five years to strip my 1969 Bronco of rust and paint.Every six months I would call, and could not reach him.

Five Years! He ruined my restoration project. He finally called and wanted to charge me $2600. This guy is nuts.

He had the nerve to say he didn't have the room to store it when he finished. He needed it out right away. Where the *** did it sit for those five years. Do not trust this guy with anything.

How can he still be in business. From the fall of 2002 to June of 2008.

Everything I have stated is true.This is not made up.

Review about: Rust Removal Service.


Cortaro, Arizona, United States #51417

Yeah, but look on the bright side. It's truly a vintage now and surely that's worth the wait?

If a business could fobb me off for 5 years, I would have to concede that a vegetarian eats food that's smarter than me.



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